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Home Inventory 5
Collection Manager 3

Looking for a solution to your home inventory needs?

Frostbow Home Inventory 5 Get it from CNET!

Frostbow Home Inventory 5 Pro provides the tools you need for cataloging, organizing, and tracking all the details of your household possessions. But this program goes well beyond just allowing you to create your inventory. This home inventory software also allows you to create standard or customized reports with details on each item, including photos, for your own records, or to share with your insurance agent so that you will be prepared if a disaster strikes.

  • Designed and built for Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, and 8; easy to use, and has extensive on-line help.

  • Twenty-three separate fields for inputting descriptive data on each item in your home inventory, including: item name, manufacturer, model/style, serial number, engraved or not engraved, insured or not insured, category, location, status, condition, date acquired, purchased from, warranty, cost each, quantity, total cost, current value, total value, heir, two images, description, and comments.

  • You can store multiple image files for each item in your inventory

  • The bulk import tool allows you to import images in bulk, creating a new record for each image imported.

  • All data fields are renameable and the user can specify default values for each field when new items are added.

  • Built-in image editor for importing, scanning, displaying, and printing images of your possessions. Images are stored in JPEG format which greatly diminishes the overall file size of the database.

  • Password protection to safeguard your personal information.

  • Description and comments fields for adding additional identifying or descriptive data.

  • Easy to use search, sort, and filter tools.

  • Ability to import home inventory data from a number of other data formats including Microsoft Access, Excel, text, Paradox, DBase, Advantage, DBISAM, etc..

  • Ability to export your home inventory to a number of other data formats including Microsoft Access, Excel, text, Paradox, DBase, Advantage, DBISAM, etc..

  • Supports using multiple inventory files and provides backup and restore functionality.

  • Generates and prints 12 pre-defined reports you can use to track your possessions and provide a listing of your household effects for your home insurance company. Also includes two blank data entry forms. Advanced users can use the built-in report designer for creating custom reports.

  • Reports can be exported as portable document file (PDF) files for use with Adobe Acrobat™, or other free PDF readers.

  • Generates and prints 16 different charts for viewing summary statistics about your collection. Choose from horizontal bar charts, vertical bar charts, or pie charts.

You can download a free trial version of Frostbow Home Inventory 5 Pro on our downloads page.

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(Note: Registered users should use the "Auto Update" feature to upgrade to the latest version. This is available by selecting "Help | Check for Updates..." from the main menu. This will update your registered copy to the latest version. Downloading and installing the Trial version will put the software back in Trial mode. To avoid this, always use the auto update feature. This feature is only available with the Registered version, not the Trial version).

What Our Customers Tell Us:

Just a note of thanks to you and your inventory program (Home Inventory). I have been using your program for a while and this week it really, really paid off. Big lightning strike hit my home ... Destroyed the furnace in the attic, breaker box, all electrical components, lots of smoke damage, etc. Of course the computer was gone, but I brought my laptop from work, used your free trial version and since I had been faithful backing up the inventory data I was able to blow away the insurance adjuster with data. There was everything I needed (model numbers, invoice numbers, notes, original costs etc.) ... I got no whining from him on what I really paid for something, etc. You nailed all the right fields, like where the appliance etc was purchased. That seem to be a big deal for the adjustor. Any way, my thanks to you for the work you put in to this program and for making it available to folks such as us. (Tommy C.)

Screen Shots

Data Entry
Home Inventory Data Entry Screen Shot
Table View
Home Inventory Table View Screen Shot
Other Images
Home Inventory Other Images Screen Shot
Image Editor
Image Editor Screen Shot
Vertical Bar Charts
Vertical Bar Chart Screen Shot
Horizontal Bar Charts
Horizontal Bar Chart Screen Shot
Pie Charts
Pie Chart Screen Shot
Item Listing Report
Item Listing Report Screen Shot
Detail Report
Detail Report Screen Shot

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